5 superfoods that will help you lose weight

Food is an essential component that comprises substances supplying adequate calories to carry on your daily activities while superfoods are exclusive foods that are bestowed with the goodness of all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins in higher concentration. In order to shed pounds your body has to burn more calories than its consumption, luckily some super foods meet your need for low calories with high nutrient content which becomes an obvious choice when you want to burn down your calories. Even if you ditch your workouts now and then, regular consumption of these foods can prevent you from over gaining weight and eventually leads to weight loss.

Green tea

It is loaded with antioxidants called catechin which increases the secretion of hormones norepinephrine. This hormone in the nervous system signals the fat cells to break down. Thus reducing your body fat and promotes weight loss. More production of hormones burns more amount of fat. A study suggests that green tea works better even if you sit idle while green tea along with exercise burnt 17% fat more than those who didn’t do exercise.


Half a grape fruit or a glass of grapefruit juice every day 20 minutes before your meal is an effective way to shed your pounds as it has 90% of water which makes you eat less and keep your appetite at bay. Not only does it reduce weight but also reduce your body insulin level which is the main cause of obesity. On an average grapefruit has only 39 calories per 100 grams with an additional bonus of immune-boosting vitamins. Though grapefruits’ weight loss benefits are astonishing it can’t be taken if you are using certain medical drugs for low cholesterol, low blood pressure organ transplant as it can possibly neutralize the effect of the drug or bring about an undesired effect.


Salmon is another superfood that works better with regular exercise. Salmon is filled with a high amount of good fat and omega-3 acids that accelerate your body’s ability to burn calories. You can enjoy salmon with just 144 calories per ounce of serving. This totals the 40% of the proteins and vitamins you need for your daily diet weight loss. Moreover, salmon fish oils reduce triglycerides in your body that are responsible for storing fat in cells.


Blueberries are fiber-rich foods that are capable of satisfying your appetite for a longer period. They have a special type of anti-oxidant named anthocyanin that neutralizes free radicals paving way for the better digestion process. Blueberries have 50-100 calories per serving so it is efficient to take a cup or two up to three months.


This super fruit is filled with the goodness of fiber and vitamin c, on regular consumption, oranges can lower your body mass index along with the reduction of your wrist and hip size. This is due to the fact that this super fruit promotes the production of carnitine in your body which reduces fat.