Laser-Like Lipo

What Is Laser-Like Lipo?

Weight loss, through laser liposuction treatments, is extremely effective and safe. It requires no surgery, no pain, no drugs and only minimal diet & exercise. It is a cold laser light, applied directly to the skin, which causes the fat cells to open up and release their “fatty” contents. Essentially, this is the same process that happens when you exercise, only the hormones cause the fat cells to release fats when you exercise. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids leave the cell, and your fat cell shrinks. It is safe because it is just cold laser light, or Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT for short) which involves no cutting or invasive procedures. The same process that results from regular exercises which causes the fat cells to release, happens from the laser.

Why Laser-Like Lipo?

Not only are the risks significantly lesser with laser liposuction treatments in comparison to other weight loss methods, but the results are greater as well. This laser-like lipo process has less bruising and a quicker recovery time. It also has the ability to create the much desired skin-tightening effect. Most patients will see measurable results after the just the first sessions as well.  The Laser-Like Lipo can work on your stomach, arms, back and legs.

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