Winter weight loss tips

Winter season is holiday season for most people and winter weight gain is a predominant issue. Colder season comes with shorter days that make outdoor activities difficult. Cold months discourage the work out plans and motivation to stay healthy. Everybody wants to look slim, shaped and fit. Some people choose dieting, extensive exercise and much more. Extensive exercises can hurt your body by causing muscle cramps. Starving or dieting can cause a deficiency of certain essential vitamins and nutrients. You can use some exciting ways like running, walking, swimming, playing, and cycling with some healthy food habits.

Actually, winter weight loss task requires a different kind of behaviors and foods in comparison to other seasons. Following weight loss tips will surely keep you warm and strong and help you to drop down the extra weight without any side effects.

Short sessions of exercise: Do not skip exercise because of snow or cold weather. Just perform shorter, comfortable sessions. Have some quick workouts and easy exercises at home at least for 30 minutes.

Don’t skip your meal: Holidays and parties of winter season may affect your meal schedule.  Avoid party starving and take every meal on time. Because when you are hungry, everything looks good and lead to overeating which increases extra fat.

Consume protein-rich diet: Proteins make you feel fuller for a longer time and stabilize blood sugar. So don’t forget to add enough proteins to your routine meal.

Indoor activities: If you are missing gym workout due to snow then you can do indoor activities like indoor rock walls, hot yoga, martial arts. These are exciting and you can perform inside your house. Aerobics is best indoor workout.

Seasonal fruits: Meyer lemon, tangelos, blood orange, guava, pomelo, kimchi, cactus pears, red papaya, fingerling potato, apple, and coconut milk is best fruits to eat in winter. These will revamp your metabolism, contain lesser calories and burn fat. These are fiber rich and promote weight loss.

Shiver workout: Shivering workout has been proved effective for weight loss. Shivering is not the pleasant way but it’s good. When we feel cold, our body activates brown fat to burn energy and release heat to protect from cold. When this energy is not sufficient, our muscles contract or shiver mechanically and heat is generated. 10-15 minute shivering is enough to get good results.

Avoid alcohol: Most winter celebrations involve alcoholic drinks which are loaded with calories. Avoid it or drink a glass of water before and after every drink. It will dilute calories and pace you.

Be stress-free: Stress is a major reason for weight gain so it is very important to release stress. Do meditation and stress releasing exercises. You can also go for natural stress-reducing therapies and your favorite activities.

Consume pulses: Pulses like peas, lenticels, beans and chickpeas are great for winter weight loss. Add these to your daily diet. These are affordable and increase fullness.

Good sleep: Sleep is important to stay fit and manage weight. Get proper sleep during the winter season and wake up early to catch the sunlight. Good sleep improves mood stability, prevent midnight snacking and improve entire health.