5 ways weight loss can improve your life

 Weight loss is profoundly tough and a life-changing experience. You feel more confident about your looks, shape, and feel better after losing extra pounds. Weight loss or maintained healthy weight improves your overall health and well being. It decreases the risk of many chronic diseases.

Dropping weight is not easy but it brings serious improvements in your life.

Better sleep: Obesity means more fat around the neck which restricts the airways and causes sleep apnea and snoring. Weight loss helps diminish the sleep disturbances. Sleep, snoring and weight loss have an interesting relationship. After shedding the extra pounds of your body you can sleep better and a better sleep contributes to a better life. If you lose at least 5 percent of your total body weight you can sleep 30 minutes longer than normal sleep.

Improved sex life: Weight loss boosts testosterone levels and increases libido which is enough to stimulate sex hormones. Morning workout increases the blood flow in the pelvic area and boosts the sex drive. Physical fitness amazingly contributes to sexual performance. If you are physically fit you enjoy your sex drive more. Being overweight may cause lower levels of testosterone and increases the risk of erectile dysfunction as the weight interferes with blood flow to the penis. Weight loss leads to more libido and easier kindling in women.

Reduce your dependency on medicines: We all know that weight loss reduces the risk of a range of conditions but it also eliminates the need for unnecessary medication. If you are on medication, losing weight can reduce your reliance on medicines by improving the symptoms of your current medical conditions. It also makes you spend less on your medical expenses. After maintaining a healthy weight you become able to take less cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma and diabetic medications. Weight loss bolsters the immune system and supports overall functioning of the body.

Fewer aches and pains: When you are overweight your hips, knees, and joints bear most of the body weight. Weight loss reduces the aches, pains, and twinges. According to a study just dropping 10 percent of your total body weight makes a huge difference in knee pain. Weight loss contributes to healthy bones and reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Stress relief and better mood: losing weight itself makes you stress-free because weight gain increases the stress levels. When you try to lose weight you eat a balanced diet, do exercise consistently and get good sleep, which are great ways to alleviate stress. Physical fitness also increases your mental fitness. Consistent workouts releases feel good chemical called endorphin which interact with brain receptors delivering positive feeling in the body and improve your mood.


Weight loss is associated with healthier lifestyle habits which give you healthier, longer and quality life. Weight loss makes you more organized, boost your self-confidence, improve your dietary choices and flex your willpower consistently. Weight loss improves memory, increase your energy levels and relationships. These weight loss benefits directly improves your life.